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Frequently Asked Questions

Kent Card

Please note:
If you signed up for a Kent Card before November 30th, 2012, it is no longer valid at our stores. We have partnered with TD Financing Services to provide our customers with a new Kent Card. Please click here for details on our new Kent Card.

What is the Kent Card?
The Kent Card is our store credit card which provides you with additional financing options and flexibility to take on those larger building and renovation projects.

Where can I use the Kent Card?
You can use the Kent Card at any of our 43 locations throughout Atlantic Canada.

Can I use the Kent Card to shop online?
Unfortunately we are not able to accept the Kent Card as payment on our website at this time.

Can I make a payment to my Kent Card or personal account through your website?
We cannot currently accept Kent Card or personal account payments through our website. You can make payments the following ways:

  • By mail
  • In person at your local Kent store.
  • Through the use of telephone or internet banking services (Contact your phone company or bank for details.)

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