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Energy Initiatives

Going Green at Kent Building Supplies

We want our customers to know that we care about the environment. That’s why we have put several practices in place to encourage green initiatives. If you’re interested in discovering all the different ways Kent works every day to be efficient and green, read on!

 Participating in Earth Hour
Kent Supports Earth Hour

Saturday, March 28, 2015 is when everyone around the world is asked to reduce energy consumption for one hour. From 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. (a 1/2hr early since our stores close at 9pm), Kent will be celebrating by engaging in several environmentally friendly initiatives such as:

  • The light cloud and all other light displays will be turned off unless a customer is interested in seeing how the lights work.
  • All office lights and computers that are not in use will be turned off.
  • All nonessential exterior lights, store lights, and store equipment will be switched off.
  • Stores that are able to reduce light use by switching to a lower illumination level will do so.
  • The store’s heating will be reduced to nighttime levels an hour earlier.
 Installing Motion Sensor Technology

In our warehouses and stores, we have upgraded our lighting with motion sensor technology. When walking through the store, you may have noticed the aisle lights turn on as you approach. The result has been a 40% reduction in energy consumption since our lighting is never left on accidentally.

 Appointing Energy Champions

In all of our locations, we have asked for volunteers to be our Energy Champions. These individuals are working side by side with store managers to focus on energy education and coordination, the sharing of best practices, and monitoring. We are hopeful that by raising awareness of energy matters in this way, we will obtain low cost and no cost energy savings by engaging our staff to identify and act upon wasted energy, such as turning lights off in empty rooms.

 Upgrading Lighting

In addition to numerous lighting projects we have conducted in years prior, we have recently undertaken various energy retrofit projects at several of our older Kent stores. We have been replacing incandescent bulbs in our lighting displays with efficient LED bulbs to save 75% energy. Also, we now only illuminate our light cloud displays during peak customer hours and ensure the bulbs used are as energy efficient as possible. That may not sound like much, but there are over 500 bulbs in our smaller stores’ light clouds and over 1000 in our larger stores. Ultimately, these upgrades will save energy and reduce CO² emissions.

 Taking Energy Saving Measures in New Construction

In constructing our new 300,000 square foot Distribution Centre we complied, where practicable, with Efficiency NB’s Core Performance guide. The building was awarded 3 Green Globes energy rating for its design performance and is on target to produce energy savings of 30% compared to previously constructed buildings. Additionally the New Distribution Centre replaced 3 existing buildings, so this construction represented significant energy savings over our previous DC Operations. More specific energy saving measures in our DC Include:

  • We have adopted the practice of using an Earth Tube to deliver tempered outside air to our air handling plant. This means the stable subsoil temperatures will temper the intake air, so in the summer the air will be precooled while in the winter it will be preheated without any mechanical effort. This should result in a substantial reduction in our heating and cooling energy consumption.
  • We have improved the thermal tightness of the facility by upgrading from a standard R20 insulation to an increased level of R30.
  • Inflatable dock seals have been installed to prevent heat loss in the winter and cooling loss in the summer. Normally this process sees a substantial loss of energy, but these seals ensure there are no gaps between the building and the trucks being loaded and unloaded. 

Although there are numerous energy saving measures that are relatively simple to implement, some are more complicated. Both easy and difficult energy saving measures are worthwhile pursuits since they will help us going forward with a reduction in energy used while making less of an impact on the environment.