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Quad Multi-Purpose Sealant Quad Multi-Purpose Sealant
Paintable. Withstands moderate expansion and contraction. For windows, siding and roof applications. 300 ml.

$6.69 EA

Great Stuff Minimal Expansion Foam Great Stuff Minimal Expansion Foam
Polyurethane insulating foam sealant with a straw applicator. Fills gaps, cracks and holes up to 1/2".

$6.39 EA

PL Premium Adhesive PL Premium Adhesive
100% Polyurethane adhesive provides superior results. 3x stronger than traditional construction adhesives. For inside or outside use and will last as long as the surfaces it joins.

$6.27 EA

Pitch Pitch
Exterior multi-purpose sealant for use on shingles, flashing and small foundation cracks. Stops leaks and can fill gaps up to 1/2".

$5.39 EA

Mono Ultra Exterior Mono Ultra Exterior
High performance latex sealant. Low odour with soap and water clean up. For window and door frames, eaves, windowsills and more. Available in a range of colours.

$5.37 EA

ZIP Seal 'N Peel ZIP Seal 'N Peel
Energy-saving, transparent, removable caulk. For interior and exterior use. 300ml.

$5.29 EA

Dap Kwik Foam Dap Kwik Foam
Moisture cure polyurethane foam insulation. Expands to fill and seal large cavities. Stops air infiltration and will not shrink. 340g.

$8.99 EA

PL 400 Sub-Floor and Deck Adhesive PL 400 Sub-Floor and Deck Adhesive
Formulated for all heavy-duty construction. For interior and exterior applications where a permanent bond is required. 300 ml. Also available in 825 ml.

$4.99 EA

PL 300 Foamboard Adhesive PL 300 Foamboard Adhesive
Interior/exterior foam board insulation adhesive. Bonds to concrete, wood, metal, brick, fibreglass and drywall.

$5.79 EA

Flextra Thermoplastic Sealant Flextra Thermoplastic Sealant
High quality, thermoplastic rubber-based sealant. Used to seal joints outdoors around windows, doors and siding. Extremely flexible and durable.

$8.59 EA

You selected 0 of 4 products